Indonesia ranks as the number one place in the world for snorkelling because of its shallow coral gardens packed with marine life as well as the excellent visibility and warm waters. A snorkelling cruise in Indonesia opens the doors to another world.

Visitors don’t argue Indonesia’s underwater superiority, but they do often debate which region reaps the best subaquatic rewards. Some prefer the impressive underwater landscape of Komodo while others are drawn to the big game in the Banda Islands or the muck diving in the lagoons of Raja Ampat.

However, experts universally agreed that booking a cabin or chartering a yacht is the most practical way to experience the supreme diversity of Indonesia’s marine life. If you want to spot specific species, please be aware that certain times of the year are better than others. For example, the best time to see manta rays in Komodo falls between June and October while in Raja Ampat, December to March is manta season.

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